How to super clean carpet?

How to super clean your carpet
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Any housewife is familiar with such a necessary home appliance as a vacuum cleaner. It’s so necessary for maintaining order in the house, especially if the floors are covered with carpets. Experts recommend vacuum cleaner for cleaning carpets at home. But it’s not enough to know the principle work of this household appliance, it’s also necessary to know how to use it correctly and how to super clean carpet.

Vacuum often

In the beginning, if you don’t how to super clean carpet, you should know that frequent vacuuming is always in the first place. Carpet cleaning should be done at least once a week, and better – more often, especially in those places where the carpet gets dirty all the time. Close attention should be given to those areas of carpets, especially those over which residents pass often, as well as those chosen as a place for sleeping by pets. Also, the carpet should be vacuumed in places close to the entrance to the dwelling, no matter whether it’s the entrance from outdoor or from the balcony.

Use different vacuum cleaner nozzle movements

Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is more efficient moving the nozzle from one end of the carpet to another, practically dividing the carpet into strips. If you’re wondering how to super clean carpet this trick is very useful if the carpet is dense and piles are long. Vacuuming should be carried out with the utmost care since different particles can get stuck in the dense piles very deeply. In any case, the more movements you make with the nozzle on the same place, the fewer particles will remain in the pile of the carpet.

Use various cleansers

Pre-pouring a dust collector soda prevents spreading the unpleasant smells in the apartment, often accompanied by cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Very often, as s solution for how to super clean carpet, a variety of cleansers are used, both the complex compounds manufactured by the industry and simple ones made at home.

For example, here is one of the recipes that contribute to the refreshment of air in the room, at the time of cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. You need to take a small container full of fragrant herbs, dried and chopped, add a small amount of carnation, a teaspoon of it, and a little of cinnamon and baking soda. After thoroughly mixing, the composite should be scattered over the carpet’s surface, and after a few minutes, you can proceed with the usual cleaning.

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