Professional carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, stain removal

Carpet cleaning

NoStains striving to deliver excellent results. Our friendly technicians make sure to eliminate all the dirt and stains if possible. You just sit back and relax. We use state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques to clean your carpets. Not only we eliminate dirt, stains, and bacteria, we also help you prolong the life of your carpets and rugs. We care for your floor coverings in a way you’d like us to and select cleaning chemicals carefully after inspecting the quality and material of your carpet. Professional carpet – rug cleaning, stain removal service based in Enfield London

Type Price
Single bedroom £18
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Sitting room £30
Step £2
Landing from £7
Hallway from £10
Commercial carpet cleaning £2.00 per sq/m

Upholstery cleaning

upholstery cleaning, car seats cleaning, mattress cleaning, car upholstery cleaningDo you remember the last time you cleaned your mattress and your sofa or your car seats? These are the places where most of the bacteria and microbes live and affect our health. Call Nostains now and we will get rid of them. Our technicians will come at the most convenient time for you and clean your pieces of furniture. Leaving them slightly wet, fresh and most importantly hygienically clean.

We offer:

• Mattresses cleaning
• Sofas cleaning
• Armchairs cleaning
• Chairs cleaning


Type Price
Single mattress £20
Double mattress £25
King size mattress £30
Two seater sofa £30
Three seater sofa £40
Four seater sofa £49
Armchair £20
Chair £5
Foot chair £10
Car seats £50

Scotchgard protection


Scotchgard is a high-quality professional carpet protector incorporating fluoropolymer and a special stain block additive which helps prevent soiling and staining.Our Scotchgard chemical is suitable for use on most carpets, subject to proper pretesting and assessment. WOOLSAFE approved protector for wool carpets and rugs.


  • Coats and protects fibers against water and oil-based spillages
  • Contains stain blocker additive to help the removal of food colorings and dye-based stains
  • Can be applied to extraction cleaned and new carpets