Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost in London

Many people who need their carpet cleaned, struggle to get a complete estimate for a professional carpet cleaning service to know if they’re being ripped off. To save money, people will rent a carpet cleaner, but professionals will be just about perfect in catching every spot of the carpet while reducing any wear it has and giving it a scent as if it’s new. Here’s a rundown of the cost of a professional carpet cleaning.

Prices will vary for different services and sizes of the cleaning. First, there is the different types of homes, rooms, and carpets. There are two ways companies list the cost: per room, with a singular rate regardless of square footage. Prices range from £18 to £36 for the room; £2.00 per sq/m, and companies will usually include the price of labor and products that are used. There will also be a noted difference in cleaning a home versus an apartment. For an entire home, it can range from £50 to £300, based on the type of carpet cleaning (see below). There is also the add-ons that goes into the rooms.

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Cleaning Methods

The type of carpet cleaning also factors in the total cost. The most popular method is steam cleaning, which uses hot water and steam which is then pressured with an advanced cleaning solution into the carpet. After the steam covers the entire carpet, it is sucked out by a power vacuum and the carpet is left to dry for 24 hours. Steam cleaners are perfect for deep cleaning carpets. Professional carpet cleaners use portable electric steam cleaners or vehicle-based cleaners for suction. Then, dry carpet cleaning uses a more chemical-based solution with less water for a quicker clean, but not as deep as steam cleaning. However, with dry cleaning, you don’t need to wait as long, where it can be used on the same day as the service.

In addition to the cost of rooms, types of cleaning, and any additional fees, professional carpet cleaners may charge extra for “targeted spot cleaning” because traditional mentors won’t remove a certain stain entirely and will need followup service. Many carpet cleaning companies have extra services including colour repair and dyeing. They will correct carpet discoloured

by stains or fix areas of a carpet to revert back to how it looked originally.

London Location

When it comes to carpet cleaning in London, NoStains is the name to trust. We strive to deliver quality services and we have your needs covered. 

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Homeowners should be aware of what they’re paying for. They should seek references and do the research about a company’s record, as you would do with any type of service. The cost of professional carpet cleaning are based on various things requested by homeowners. Regardless of the total cost, people should receive a transparent account by the business on what it covers.

Our price table for carpet, rug cleaning, and stain removal in Central London.

Single bedroom£18 was £36
Double bedroom£25 was £50
Living room£30 was £60
Sitting room£30 was £60
Step£2.00    was £4
Landingfrom £7 was 15
Hallwayfrom £10 was £20
Commercial carpet cleaning£3.00 per sq/m was £5.00



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