The Needs of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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 Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Most people believe cleaning carpets is easy, you just find a vacuum cleaner and that’s it, right? Well, the truth is it really isn’t enough, nor it’s the most hygienic option you have, and that’s exactly why you need a commercial carpet cleaning.

Carpets are a great tool to decorate floors. They make the place look more comfortable and fancier, however, they not only get dirty quite often, but they can also become a huge nest for bacteria and viruses.

Taking care of a hotel carpet cleaning or an office carpet cleaning means working with professionals in the cleaning industry, you won’t get rid of allergens and bacteria just by vacuuming the carpet.

Your Carpet Is Not as Clean as It Looks Like

Think about it, most carpets’ fabrics are chosen because of their color, texture, and materials. Still, most of them are not really anti-allergens, nor are designed to be waterproof and stain-resistant.

Carpets are stepped on daily, especially those that belong to hotels and offices. Can you imagine how many steps land on a rug daily? Now think about where those shoes were before…

It is important to hire a commercial carpet cleaning because, even though your cleaning personnel vacuums it daily or weekly, there will be stains, allergens, and bacteria attached to the fabric that won’t leave until cleaned professionally.

Here are some interesting facts about carpets you may like to know:

  • Carpets in bedrooms that are not cleaned regularly may cause respiratory problems, that’s why hotel carpet cleaning is one of the most significant services we offer.
  • Indoor air quality declines when your carpet is not cleaned, this would not only explain why your personnel or guests get sick often but also why the air smells “funny.”
  • Mold spores are small enough to hide in the carpet fibers, vacuuming the carpet will not get rid of all of them.
  • Carpets that are not cleaned often not only carry more bacteria but also last less time than they should.
  • Children and people with respiratory complications are the ones most affected by dirty carpets.
  • Experts recommend hiring commercial carpet cleaning services, at least, twice a year.

How does Commercial Carpet Cleaning work?

At Nostains, we work with the best cleaning products and equipment, and we also have highly trained professionals as part of our team.

Our mission is to get rid of all the dust, stains, and bacteria from your carpets, office chairs, and sofas. Whether they are in a hotel, theater, office, house, apartment, school, or restaurant.

The way our commercial carpet cleaning works is thought to cover every corner of your place, taking into consideration the carpet’s fabric, the type of floor beneath it, and all the furniture around.

So the cleaning process we do starts with looking at the carpet, the more we know about it and the dust it holds, the easier is to choose the cleaning method: steam carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning.

After deciding, we move all the furniture carefully in the room, we take our office carpet cleaning very seriously, so we want to reach every corner of the room for better and long-lasting cleaning results.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to move any of the furniture by yourself, we got it covered. If there is especially delicate furniture in the room, let us know and we will be extra careful.

Vacuuming for Dry Dirt Removal

This would, essentially, be where the actual commercial carpet cleaning process begins. We will vacuum every inch of the carpet in both forward and backward motion. This way, we guarantee the maximum dirty removal a vacuum cleaner can offer.

Our vacuum cleaners are top quality, which means they have a small brush in the head that moves with the motor to agitate the dust from the fabric while the air sucks it in.

Regular vacuum cleaners only suck the air while it moves by the carpet, which does not remove even half the dust that needs to be removed. So there you have another reason to hire professional hotel carpet cleaning services.

Starting the Dirt Suspension

After vacuuming, part of the dry dirt is removed, but we still need to go deeper. And to do so, we will need to use special chemicals that will separate the dust that is strongly attached to the carpet fibers.

The chemicals we use are completely safe for humans and pets, even your carpet’s fabric. We do not pour any chemicals on the carpet until we are 100% of the materials and the chemical composition won’t damage it.

Usually, those chemicals are in warm temperature to accelerate the cleaning process and to make it more effective.

For those carpets that have terrible stains, we scrub the chemicals with a rotary scrubbing machine or manual scrubbing if necessary.

Please note that despite the chemicals and the scrubbing being the best option, sometimes stains that have been there for too long will not disappear entirely, but we do guarantee that they will be less noticeable.

Regarding the duration of this part, It won’t be longer than a few minutes to protect the carpet, but some fabrics are really thick and need a longer exposure time to loosen the dirt effectively.

Removing the Dirt

Once we have loosened as much dirt as possible, the third part of the carpet cleaning process begins.

This part is probably the most known to many people not related to the cleaning industry, you have probably heard about dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning. They are both effective, but don’t work the same way, and should not be started without the previous process we just commented on.

We are going to comment briefly on how each soil removal method works, so you understand better how we do it at Nostains.

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning: it uses almost no water to clean the carpet; in fact, we use a water-based cleaning solution that is pre-sprayed on the carpet, and then we use the scrubber machine to remove the dirt. The dry cleaning solvents break down any oily and dusty residue in the carpet, while the heat of the machine helps to remove it easily.
  • Wet Vacuuming: also known as carpet shampooing, this process involves the use of a high foaming detergent on the carpet. It gets agitated with a scrubbing machine that gently removes the dirt and stains. However, this process is not recommended for all kinds of carpets, since it doesn’t reach every single fiber of the fabric. It’s mostly used for very thin carpets.
  • Steam Cleaning: we spread a heated cleaning solution directly into the carpet with a high-pressure machine, and then it gets immediately vacuumed along with the dirt and bacteria the solution will catch. It cleans most fabrics deeply, but not all of them are made to endure such humidity levels.
  • Rinsing: this process is mostly used for small size carpets. We take them out of the room and submerge them into water. It works like putting them into a washing machine, but with a gentler approach.

Final Steps of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

After one of the mentioned processes is done, the next step is getting your carpet dried or groomed.

The drying process is important because it will avoid getting your floor damaged, diminishes the chances of the carpet getting dirty faster, reduces the chances of new bacteria growing fast, maintains the color and texture, avoids the appearance of uncomfortable moist smells, and more.

While the grooming process of a carpet, even though is not mandatory but highly appreciated, is done with a brushed tool that reduces the humidity after the cleaning, helps to preserve some carpet deodorants that may be applied, and helps to maintain the carpet’s appearance.

Both processes take time, it mostly depends on the room conditions and the chemicals used to clean the carpet. It helps a lot to turn on the heating or air system because it moves air in the room faster than when it’s done naturally.

What Can Nostains Do For You?

As you see, we offer an extensive and professional commercial carpet cleaning service in London. We not only work with high-quality equipment, but we also count on professionally trained personnel.

We offer our services for hotel carpet cleaning, office carpet cleaning, schools, theaters, and restaurant carpet cleaning as well.

Nostains has been in the carpet cleaning business for 15 years so far, and we have a wide variety of clients all over London.

Contact us now and allow us to get those carpets cleaned for you in a short time. We work with an appointment system, but we also provide emergency and same-day cleanings, but since this cleaning process takes some time, please contact us as early as possible.

You can give us a call to get a quote, but we may need to visit the restaurant, school, building, or hotel you would like us to clean for an exact quote.

Regardless of how bad that stain is, or how long it has been since the last time you cleaned your carpet, we will do everything in our hands to make it disappear and leave your carpet as it was new.

Protect your guests, workers, visitors, or students from respiratory issues, contact us now and let us do the commercial carpet cleaning for you.

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