Vacuuming does not count as carpet cleaning

Why vaccuming is not best for your carpet

Carpets need regular care. Daily cleaning is necessary especially if you have small children or hairy pets. One of the effective methods is vacuuming of carpets – the extraction method. But, this method of cleaning is not enough for a proper care of your carpet. You should know that vacuuming does not count as carpet cleaning because many carpet companies offer professional steam cleaning every 6 to 12 months in order to ensure your warranty remains valid.

What are the drawbacks of dry carpet cleaning?

If you still don’t know why vacuuming does not count as carpet cleaning, you should consider these shortcomings of this cleaning method:

The first disadvantage is that it’s not very effective. Only the upper third of the carpet is cleaned. When there are spots on the carpet, this method is ineffective, it must be combined with other to remove all contaminants.

Another disadvantage that confirms the fact vacuuming does not count as carpet cleaning is that this method isn’t suitable for all types of carpeting. Due to the high degree of moisture that this technique extracts from the carpet, is not recommended for woolen, silk, antique and other carpets that require a minimum of moisture and a careful approach.

A serious drawback of vacuuming is that this method can be carried out only by professionals that use special equipment and proper tools for thorough cleaning. The efforts of the homeowner to clean the carpet of the pollution using this method usually ends up without success, so the help of cleaning specialists is necessary.

Why your carpet needs steam cleaning?

A steam cleaner (also called a steam generator) is a special appliance (household or professional) for cleaning various surfaces and materials from all types of contaminants that are resistant to dry cleaning and which are susceptible to steam.

If you don’t know why vacuuming does not count as carpet cleaning, you should know the following features of the true vacuum cleaning/soil extracting/.

– Cleaning with a steam cleaner provides the highest quality cleaning. You will be surprised how much dirt departs from the carpet that was previously cleaned by other methods when it’s exposed to steam.

– A high temperature of the steam allows not only to clean but also simultaneously disinfect your carpet.

– There is no bad odor during the cleaning with a steam cleaner.

– Due to the fact that the dry steam contains less than 5% of water, steam cleaning provides much faster drying time of carpets, compared to traditional methods of wet cleaning.

How to remove dust mites from a mattress?

Dust mites can be found in every home, where there is a mattress, upholstered furniture, and even soft toys. These small creatures, which size can vary from very tiny (0.004 inches) to visible to the attentive observer (0.2 inches) can be a serious problem, especially for people with bronchial asthma and allergies.

Unfortunately, it’s possible to completely clean the house of dust mites only in conditions of complete sterility and daily careful cleaning of all surfaces but that is simply unrealistic. The presence of dust mites in mattresses is normal. The problems begin when their number grow rapidly under favorable conditions.

If you need to know how to remove dust mites from a mattress and how to prevent further spread of them, see the solutions below.

Dust mites: what kind of “beasts” they are and why they are dangerous

These parasites feed on remains of human dead skin. Accordingly, the maximum concentration of these uninvited microscopic guests is observed in places with which the people are in close contact and spend a third of their life: in mattresses, pillows, and duvets.

If you’re thinking of how to remove dust mites from a mattress, it can be very hard because no special conditions are necessary for their existence. The main condition is the availability of the usual food (pieces of skin), the temperature of the air in the room that fluctuates between 18C-25C degrees and if there is a dust (the most comfortable habitat). High humidity is also favorable for them.

For a human, dust mites are not dangerous, but their products of vital activity are. In other words, feces that contain digestive enzymes and P1 antigen cause severe allergic reactions and asthma attacks, eczema.

How to remove them by yourself

One solution for how to remove dust mites from a mattress and to reduce the number of parasites in bed is regular cleaning of the covers and bed linen/once a week/. Ideally – it should be a removable mattress pad, which is convenient to wash and clean/in the washing machine over 60C degrees/.

Another way of dealing with dust mites in the mattress is regular ventilation. It’s great if the mattress is managed in such a way that the air circulates right through it.

Buy yourself a dehumidifier and reduce the humidity in the rooms and get special bedding cases for people with dust mite allergy – no dust mites and their allergens can penetrate the fabric.

Calling professionals for removing dust mites

If you don’t know how to remove dust mites from a mattress by yourself, it should be done by qualified specialists.  A team of professionals knows how to get rid of them effectively and efficiently. For removing of dust mites they use various means and special devices that help to completely remove all traces of their existence.

Carpet cleaning in Enfield London

Carpet cleaning in Enfield London

The carpet as an ornament is an inevitable part of any home interior. It also helps with heating and it’s in very pleasant to walk on it during winter and legs are always warm. At the moment there is a huge number of products that are made of different materials, from cheap synthetic to expensive natural ones. Over time, carpets outer appearance changes, loses its beauty becoming an excellent dust collector and housing for harmful microorganisms.
In order to keep the carpet clean, simple vacuuming or extraction of dirt, as most housewives do, is not enough. These methods can cope with a part of the dust and dirt, but you can’t achieve the best result because only carpet cleaning in Enfield London professionals is able to perform deep dry cleaning in your home.

Advantages of dry cleaning in your home
Dry cleaning of carpets performed by carpet cleaning in Enfield London specialists is required when the dirt has so much ingrained in the carpet that you are thinking about buying a new one. For dry cleaning, we use the professional latest technology and the most effective and hypoallergenic detergents that are also completely safe for your health. In the service for carpet cleaning in Enfield London, dry cleaning of carpets begins with eliminating the dust. Then, with the help of various cleansers – stain removers, various contaminants are eliminated. At the next stage, the carpet is treated with a special chemical solution, which pushes dirt out. The final stage of dry carpet cleaning is a deep cleansing of the extractor.

Why is regular dry cleaning important for your carpets?
Every day a huge number of microbes accumulate in carpets and dust mites are born. Every day, microbes multiply and carpets become a source of infectious diseases and allergies. Little children are in regular contact with carpets and upholstered furniture, so it’s extremely important to monitor their cleanliness. As a rule, the carpet is purchased for a long period of time, but after only one year, the appearance of the carpet is significantly different from the original one. If you regularly carry out dry cleaning and disinfection of carpets, then the service life can be increased several times.
Professional dry cleaning means preliminary deep dry cleaning, wet dry cleaning with professional equipment and professional cleaning agent.
For professional carpet cleaning in Enfield London, technicians use special intensive ingredients, which guarantee the best cleaning effect.

Carpet cleaning tips

Carpet cleaning tips

Regular cleaning of carpets definitely brings your home a lot of health benefits. If you have children and pets, it’s recommended to vacuum your carpets 3-4 times a week. Spills, stains, and other contaminants can spoil the attractiveness of carpets.

Cleaning method depends on the carpet’s material

Synthetic carpets can usually be cleaned at home with a help of, some carpet cleaning tips and without the professional services of cleaning companies. These carpets can be made of 100 percent synthetic or it consists of a mixture of natural and synthetic materials, such as cotton, polyester.

When your carpet contains more than 50 percent of cotton and has complex stains in the visible area, it is better to use the help of cleaning companies and order a “dry cleaning carpet” service. If possible, it’s necessary to clean stains immediately after they appear – this gives the best results and stains are eliminated much easier. The most difficult types of stains are those that consist of oil and grease.

How to clean your carpet at home?

If you don’t know how to clean it by yourself, these carpet cleaning tips will help you:

–    Among carpet cleaning tips, at the first place is the use of steam cleaners to remove dust, debris, and other contaminants as steam that these device use, contains only a small amount of water (about 5%)

–    Avoid using large amounts of water during cleaning – this can make the stains worse and damage the texture of carpets.

–    Try with stain removers with a PH level between 7 and 9.

–    Try with cleaning products that produce a foaming effect, these products are good at removing stains on an organic basis.

–    Use baby wipes to remove stains, and dry the carpet after removing stains. This product contains the right amount of water and soap.

–    For stains of coffee, tea, and other beverages, it’s recommended to use a mixture of water, vinegar and a drop of dishwashing detergent in a small bowl. Use a soft cloth for cleaning the carpet until a stain from a drink disappears.

–    To remove grease or oil stains, apply talc, cornstarch or salt to the stain. Use a clean cloth for applying these cleansers. These are perfect if you need to eliminate only the emerging spot, cornstarch, salt, and talc have properties of absorbing fat or oil. After rubbing, moisten the spot with warm water and wipe it with a dry cloth.

How to control dust mites in your carpet?

Control the dust mites in the carpet

When it comes to maintaining mattresses, furniture, and carpets in the home, it’s important to pay special attention to dust mites which are gathering in them. Although you know for sure that they are something that is not good and healthy but you don’t know how to control dust mites in your carpet. All you need to know about them is written below.

What are dust mites?

Dust mites are actually very small parasites, invisible to the human eye. They can only be seen under a microscope. However, you don’t need a microscope to make sure you have them in your home, because, unfortunately, they are in every home. They feed on human and pet flakes of skin, so they are usually hidden in mattresses, furniture, and carpets.

Dust mites can enter your house with the ordinary air currents which are formed due to ordinary activities. Irregular ventilation, warm home temperatures, and standard home-care jobs are good for them.

How do dust mites affect your health?

If you’re are wondering why and how to control dust mites in your carpet, you should know that dust mites have a very unfavorable effect on your health, and can be the cause of many allergies. What are allergies? Allergy is actually an exaggerated reaction to our defensive body part to some, mostly harmless substances. When it comes to contact with these unwanted substances, your defense system creates an excessively large amount of antibodies, and when they are linked to allergens cause those very recognizable allergic symptoms. Even asthma is rarely associated with an excessive amount of dust mites.

How to get rid of dust mites from the carpet?

Controlling and removing of dust mites require the use of special tools by qualified carpet cleaning technicians. Processing the carpet surfaces with steam is the solution for problem how to control dust mites in your carpet. It’s a completely natural and eco-friendly method, which allows you to be free from dust mites. Using a special device under high pressure (8-10 bar), technicians from carpet cleaning service kill pathogenic microbes, preventing them from hiding even in the most inaccessible places. Ordinary household vacuum cleaners, even if they have the steam option, can’t deliver the steam under such a huge pressure. At the same time, all the surfaces are vacuumed and all dust is collected in a hermetically sealed container. This method allows you to get rid of dust mite for at least half a year.

It’s recommended using these services for removing these parasites, rather than torturing yourself with questions like how to control dust mites in your carpet.

Stop pets from scratching your furniture

carpet cleaning London, upholstery cleaning, pet hair removalHow to stop your pets from scratching your furniture?

One of the most annoying habits of your dogs or cats is clawing furniture. Try to imagine the amount of money you spend decorating your home making it nice, beautiful and cozy. Leaving your pets at home alone has its consequence. Pets are scratching the sides of sofas, doors, cupboards because they can. This sort of behavior is in their nature. Marking their territory, sharpening their claws, especially for cats. Dogs, on the other hand, are more likely to bite your furniture if they are not entertained or kept active.

Can we really make them stop?

There is no easy answer or quick fix. You must teach them while they are young to use the litter or pee pad and to be patient, it will take time. It’s not going to happen instantly.  Take out the dog at least twice a day for a good run. Buy some chew toys, keep them entertained and active. The dogs are very intelligent animals. Every time they try to destroy something in your house distract them with the chew toys and make it clear with words or gestures that it’s not right. Cat owners need to understand that they live in the cat’s house. Cats love to be on top of things minding their own business. So, get creative and build something high in the room, clear some bookshelves, get a catnip if your buying scratch pad and every single time when you catch them scratching your furniture spray them gently with water. It will create a negative association and eventually will make them prefer their toys. Give them treats when they are behaving well. Spend more time with them, play games, teach them tricks. If they are kept healthy and busy, your home is safe, your blood pressure will be normal and life is happy again.

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Clean carpet leads to healthy life

Professional carpet cleaning in London!

Why cleaning your carpet regularly is important? In this busy life we are having, it’s quite difficult to look after our expensive floor coverings. We wear shoes, dust and dirt are building up, traffic areas are getting darker and thinner, insects and dust mites will start hatching, certainly, pets are not going to make it easier with all the hair they leave behind. This can seriously affect our health, like breathing problems even asthma. Once a week, you need to vacuum it and at least once a year to wash it, to make it hygienically clean. Some carpets are coming in dark colors and you can’t notice the dust around skirting boards or underneath the furniture, but your eyes feel itchy and you start sneezing. This is the time to call professional carpet cleaner and to steam clean your carpet. Don’t wait for tomorrow! Nostains offer a solution to your problems. Our carpet technicians will make sure your carpet is clean, your pieces of furniture protected and most importantly will prolong the life of your carpet. We cover London all areas.

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