Stain Removal Service

Professional Stain Removal

 Stain removal is part of the service we offer. NoStains are specialists in removing any marks. We recommend you to

deal with any new stains as soon as possible. You can always try to remove them by yourself, however, some spots need

more delicate touch, from an expert. If you spill something on your carpet, rug or upholstery do not panic, just call the

professionals. Our practice show, we have a better chance of removing stains before anyone else does. NoStains carpet cleaners

have in stock over 20 professional stain removal chemicals that can remove marks such as paint, oil, ink, chewing gum, red wine,

tea, coffee, and makeup. We assess the type of stain you have and assign the right chemical or liquid for it. For an extra cost, we can

apply Scotchgard Protector to help prevent stains and keep the appearance of your carpets or upholstery even longer.

Scotchgard is a high-quality professional carpet protector incorporating fluoropolymer and a special stain block additive which

helps prevent soiling and staining. Our Scotchgard chemical is suitable for use on most carpets, subject to proper pretesting and assessment.

WOOLSAFE approved protector for wool carpets and rugs.


  • Coats and protects fibers against water and oil-based spillages
  • Contains stain blocker additive to help the removal of food colorings and dye-based stains
  • Can be applied to extraction cleaned and new carpets

Please note stain removal is not guaranteed service

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