5 easy ways to deep clean carpet

Spring is not the only time you can clean your home. There are objects that require more frequent care, such as carpet. Apart from being an important and irreplaceable part of the interior, the carpet absorbs much of our social life – dust and mud on the shoes, sometimes from our dinner or our pets. With a few simple steps, you can regain the colours and life of your carpet.

History of the carpet

Armenia is considered the birthplace of the carpet. From there, the carpet is spread and honoured from all over the Orient. It’s then transferred to the Silk Road in the Western World and there has become an irreplaceable part of the interior of the nobles’ homes.

What is the carpet made of?

In order to best clean your carpet, you need to know what it is made of. Carpets are made of acrylic, polyester, wool and nylon. Some of them can be knitted like a basket, with short fringes, long fringes, with different colours and elements. They can even be assembled from several different fabrics, including leather. The more unique and varied the carpets, the harder they are to clean.


For starters, take a free day. You can also take the carpet to a car wash where they will take care of it, but if you want to clean it yourself, roll your sleeves and turn on the vacuum cleaner. First, you must thoroughly suck the dirt on both sides of the carpet. If you have the opportunity, take it out, move it out of the terrace or place it in a suitable place.

First steps

Probably after the first cleaning you will notice remaining stains on the carpet. If they are greasy, you can remove them with toilet paper and hot iron. If the stain is still there, use a little washing powder, warm water and a wide brush. Leave for an hour.

Ways for deep cleaning

By steam

This is one of the most popular methods for cleaning a carpet, especially if you live in a small apartment and you cannot move your carpet. For this purpose, you need a special steam cleaner. The important thing about this cleaning is to remove all cables and objects that can get wet as the carpet dries slowly. When you run the machine, clean the carpet with slow and precise movements. Repeat once again for an excellent result.

With liquid soap

Mix water and soap. Soak the carpet and start rubbing with a sponge. This way you can get rid of mud, chocolate, coffee stains and more. After removing the stain, rub with a new mixture of water and liquid soap throughout the carpet. Don’t use too much liquid soap; otherwise you’ll have to wash the carpet all over again.

Using a special shampoo

In the store you will find many variants of suitable cleaning agents. Some of them protect against bacteria, others prevent stains. Select a deep cleansing shampoo and apply it with a soft brush. Don’t use hard brushes, because they damaged carpet and yarns can be torn apart and worn faster.

With vinegar

You need only a bucket of warm water and a fourth glass of white vinegar. After washing with water and vinegar, fill the bucket for a second time just with water and clean the carpet once again, then open the doors and windows and let it dry. You can do the same with baking soda.

Only with water

This option is possible if you have a yard and a flat place on which to put the carpet. Take a wide, soft brush like that you clean your car. Take a hose and with a strong stream of water start brushing the water aside with the brush. The dirt will fall quickly and easily. This method is best if you have allergies to soap and detergents.

How NoStains can help

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