How to stop pets from scratching furniture

Stop pets from scratching your furniture

How to stop your pets from scratching your furniture?


One of the most annoying habits of your dogs or cats is clawing furniture. Try to imagine the amount of money you spend decorating your home making it nice, beautiful and cozy. Leaving your pets at home alone has its consequence. Pets are scratching the sides of sofas, doors, cupboards because they can. This sort of behaviour is in their nature. Marking their territory, sharpening their claws, especially for cats. Dogs, on the other hand, are more likely to bite your furniture if they are not entertained or kept active.


Can we really make them stop?

There is no easy answer or quick fix. You must teach them while they are young to use the litter or pee pad and to be patient, it will take time. It’s not going to happen instantly.  Take out the dog at least twice a day for a good run. Buy some chew toys, keep them entertained and active. The dogs are very intelligent animals. Every time they try to destroy something in your house distract them with the chew toys and make it clear with words or gestures that it’s not right. Cat owners need to understand that they live in the cat’s house. Cats love to be on top of things minding their own business.

Get Creative Around Your Pets

So, get creative and build something high in the room, clear some bookshelves, get a catnip if your buying scratch pad and every single time when you catch them scratching your furniture spray them gently with water. It will create a negative association and eventually will make them prefer their toys. Give them treats when they are behaving well. Spend more time with them, play games, teach them tricks. If they are kept healthy and busy, your home is safe, your blood pressure will be normal and life is happy again.


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