Best Carpet cleaning tips and methods

Carpet cleaning video

It’s not an easy task to clean your carpet. You can check out our video on how we clean carpets.

Top Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

  1.  Hot Water Extraction Cleaning – Usually hot water extraction cleaning involves an application of a cleaning agent to the surface. After that, there is an agitation of the carpet with a brush. Late but not last followed by rinsing it.
  2. Carpet Shampooing – This carpet cleaning was popular 1970s but rarely used today
  3.  Encapsulation – This cleaning method usually uses synthetic detergents as a base. Detergents crystallize into powder form when dries and after that can be removed with the dirt.
  4. Bonnet Cleaning –  In this cleaning process is involved cleaning the top part of the carpet fiber using a heavy duty machine with a spinning pad that has been equipped with cleaning solution to extract the dirt from the carpet.
  5. Dry Carpet Cleaning – One of the latest in the carpet cleaning industry. It gained popularity in the past years and is approved by leading carpet manufacturers because is very effective and did not need drying time.

Cost of carpet cleaning

We have a price list for cleaning carpets and furniture :

Single bedroom£18
Double bedroom£25
Living room£30
Sitting room£30
Landingfrom £7
Hallwayfrom £10
Commercial carpet cleaning£2.00 per sq/m

London Location

When it comes to carpet cleaning in London, NoStains is the name to trust. We strive to deliver quality services and we have your needs covered.

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How NoStains can help

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a quick refreshing of furniture and carpets, or simply a just one-off cleaning; we will gladly handle both equally with fantastic excellence. We strive to deliver quality services and we have your needs covered.

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