Commercial carpet cleaning prices UK – What Should You Pay If You are In The UK?

Do you vacuum your carpet 2 or 3 times a week and your carpets still look out of sorts?  Have you given any thought to having a commercial carpet cleaner come and clean your carpets? What should you expect to pay for the room or the whole house? You live in the UK, what are the commercial carpet cleaning prices in the UK?

Take look at the two best cleaning styles used by commercial carpet cleaners and what you can expect to pay for this service. There are so many different methods to extract dirt from your carpets, dry compound cleaning, steam cleaning, or hot water extraction. The carpet cleaning method depends on the fabric of the rug to be cleaned. 

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Hot Water Extraction Or Steam Cleaning

The best cleaning method for cleaning carpets is steam cleaning. By using a hot water extraction machine, hot water with detergent is injected into the carpet fiber under pressure. The extraction machine pulls the hot steamy water from your carpet, and the dirt, mildew, and allergens are sucked up into a separate holding tank. Considered by many commercial carpet cleaners as the best service for your money. What are the prices for steam cleaning?

Broken down by room here is some of the pricing:

  • Bedroom: £28 is pretty close, give, or take.
  • Bathroom: £15 is average.
  • Hallways: £25 without a discount.
  • Livingroom: £40 the same for a dining room.
  • Landing: £5 with a discount.

Dry Compound Cleaning

This is the best cleaning method if you own carpets that are delicate or sensitive to moisture such as seagrass, jute, sisal, silk, and so on. No humidity here, a dry powder is spread over the carpet with a particular machine. Let the dry compound and then the dust, dirt, and allergens will be removed by vacuuming. Dry time, immediately after vacuuming the dry compound up. What are you expected to pay for dry compound cleaning?

Here are some prices for dry cleaning your carpet:

  • Bedroom: £35*
  • Lounge/Dining Room: £45*
  • Hallway: from £15*
  • Stairs: £45* Up to 14 steps.

*For average-sized rooms, larger you pay more.

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Commercial carpet cleaning prices UK
Commercial carpet cleaning prices in the UK

Of the different methods for carpet cleaning pricing, two were chosen for discussion as they are the two best cleanings for your money. You will pay between £113 and £130 for cleaning your home with average-sized rooms. Do your research, some cleaning companies will inflate their rates for a few weeks, reduce them back to normal, and call that a discount.

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